Now online: NEMO Webinar on the art of networking

 This photographs shows a map of europe. On the map, nails are attached, which are connected by a piece of string.

The recording of the NEMO webinar facilitated by Anna Steinkamp, Project Facilitator, Network Strategist and Curator, on 24 June 2020 can now be (re)watched online.

This webinar explores why museums gather in networks and their impact. Benefits and challenges of organisational museum networks are explored by considering examples from the field. Further, it offers some practical guidelines on how to set up and coordinate such networks, especially when it comes to international collaboration.

Networks are not a new phenomenon but are at the core of societal constitution. However, the notion appears more adequate nowadays than ever. Social networks are considered to be one of the most appropriate organisational forms of the 21st century given their flexible, adaptable, non-hierarchical and open character. In a world of disorder and uncertainty, they offer the opportunity to combine efforts, quickly connect people and knowledge and provide orientation, although they often struggle to sustain continuity.

Anna Steinkamp

Since 2017, Anna works as an independent consultant in international cultural cooperation and project management. She specialises on strategies for networks of culture cooperation and offer strategic consultancy for actors in the field of international cooperation. Further, Anna facilitates international projects and advise on how to effectively and sustainably implement complex projects in the public sector. Previously, she has worked for the German Commission for UNESCO for over ten years within the Division of Culture. During that time, she was co-founder and executive coordinator of the global U40 Network “Cultural Diversity 2030 of young experts. In 2014/15, Anna headed the task force of the 2015 UNESCO World Heritage Committee session in Bonn, Germany. Anna hold Masters in Public Policy and in Cultural Sciences and conducted research on network governance since 2013.