Pandemic predicted to have long-term effects on European travel behaviour

© Rijeka 2020 Two people wearing face masks are looking at an object that is placed on a display plinth.

© Rijeka 2020

A Flash Eurobarometer study about tourism, published in November 2021, shows that a majority of European Union citizens expect the Covid-19 pandemic to have long-term effects on their travel behaviour. 38% predict that they will travel more within their own country. Important predictions for museums dependent on tourism to factor in when planning for the future.

76% of European Union citizens expect the pandemic to have long-term effects on their travel behaviour and 38% are likely to opt for domestic holiday. Furthermore, 24% of the respondents think that the pandemic will have an impact on their choice of destination country. Considering the data presented in the survey, museums dependent on international tourism should consider how they engage with and attract the local community as well as how to cater to domestic tourists.

Additionally, the survey also indicates that Europeans are concerned about sustainability when traveling. 82% of respondents said that they wish to change some of their habits while travelling so their overall travel process can be more sustainable. In contrast, 15 per cent claimed that they are not ready to do so.

The Flash Eurobarometer Attitudes of Europeans towards tourism study was carried out by Ipsos European Public Affairs on behalf of the European Commission.