Porto Santo Charter promotes the impact of culture in strengthening democracy

NEMO is one of several governmental and non-governmental organisations that contributed to and helped develop the recently published Porto Santo Charter. The aim of the Charter is to outline and promote the impact of the cultural sector in strengthening democracy and democratic culture.  

The Porto Santo Charter presents principles and recommendations for applying and developing a working paradigm for cultural democracy in Europe. It is addressed to European policy makers at European institutions, national, regional and local levels; to cultural and educational organisations and institutions; and to European citizens to take responsibility for its common cultural landscape.

The Charter was presented during the Porto Santo Conference, which took place in a hybrid format from 27-28 April 2021. The conference was organised within the framework of the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

In order to develop a cultural citizenship that promotes democracy, the Charter presents several interconnected recommendations addressed to the different agents of the cultural ecosystem, at its different scales, and thought in a systemic way. All EU Member States and collective organisations are invited to join this Charter.