Report on the Future of Museums in the UK

Today the British Museums Taskforce, convened by the British Museums Association in 2016, published a report on the future of museums.

The Museums Taskforce was founded as a result of financial and operational issues within the museums sector. The report on the future of museums in the UK was compiled with the aim of pinpointing these issues as well as suggesting possible solutions. It recommends radical change in how a museum is operated and funded. It also suggests how a museum can remain relevant in today’s society.

A certain emphasis is put on collections and the Taskforce recommends a culture change within the sector in order to minimize the amount material not being used and not made available to the public. The report also points out the severe drop in public funding for museums in the UK, despite the several beneficial effects, such as learning and outreach, museums can offer.

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<link https: external-link-new-window external link in new>The report can be accessed as a PDF here.