Sustainable museums? Get inspired by expert presentations

In the end of April 2021, the Norwegian Museums Association, and the museums Tana and Varanger Museumssiida and Varanger Museum held a national museum meeting to discuss various aspects of living in bordering countries. The session on sustainability was recorded and is available to watch online (in English).

The session, moderated by Morien Rees, Varanger Museum, focused on how museums can incorporate routines for sustainable choices, both in the work with exhibitions and dissemination as well as in the administrative day-to-day of running the museum. The speakers also discussed how museums can facilitate global awareness about the crisis and how museums can maintain a balance between the needs of the locals and tourists.

Various speakers were invited to bring different perspectives into the session. In the presentation “Sustainability from an Indigenous Perspective. Climate challenges seen from a local viewpoint”, Jorunn Jernsletten, Deanu ja Várjjat Museasiida / Tana og Varanger Museumssiida, spoke about the connection of creating something long-lasting from natural recourses in accordance with local condition in a community context.

Diane Drubay, We Are Museums, brought an international perspective and spoke about the museum’s fundamental role to help society change on a hyperlocal level. Knut Markhus, Kraftmuseet, discussed sustainability in the daily life at the museum and Sigurd Nielsen, ANNO, highlighted student’s global awareness after visiting the exhibition A World at Stake.