The Campaign "Double for Culture" is Launched

Culture Action Europe (CAE) launches the campaign "Double for Culture". The campaign aims to demonstrate the values of culture and hopes to lead to an increased budget for culture in the post-2020 Multiannual Financial Framework.

CAE suggests that 1% of the next MFF should be allocated to culture across policy fields and funding programmes. Currently 0,14% of the EU total budget goes to Creative Europe, EU’s main culture focused programme, whereof only a third is earmarked for culture. Meaning that CAE urges the EU to fund more with less, since the UK's departure will leave a gap in the annual framework.

However, culture has been proven to bring people together. With increasing trends of polarisation within Europe, culture could be used to create an unified union. Also, the digital shift presents several future work opportunities within the culture sector. Therefore an investment in culture is also an investment in a prosperous Union.

<link file:3265 download file>Read the full statement here.