Tools for utilising museums as platforms for innovation

© ZOOM Kindermuseum, Image: J.J.Kucek A boy crawls through a tunnel of mirrors.

© ZOOM Kindermuseum, Image: J.J.Kucek

The innovation workbook Developing and evolving in museums offers tools of how one can use cultural heritage and museums to develop new innovations. The methods, which are explained in the workbook, support the process of innovation and will help develop working-life skills such as problem-solving capacity, teamwork skills and creative thinking.

The workbook offers new perspectives and practices for activating young people and planning innovation training. The methods outlined in the workbook are specifically directed towards students and young adults who are soon entering working life. The workbook explains how one successfully implements a think tank and innovation course at a museum, what to think about when implementing innovation methods and lists ideas for innovation workshops.

The project Museums as innovation platforms was coordinated by Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova and implemented together with the Museum of Technology, Humak University of Applied Sciences, and Junior Achievement Finland.