Trust in Swedish museums at record high

© NEMO, Image: Sara Herrlander A person with their hands on their back looks at a kind of folded art piece that covers the corner of a room. The art piece is mounted in a glass monter.

© NEMO, Image: Sara Herrlander

According to a study by the SOM institute at Gothenburg University in Sweden, the public’s trust in museums remains high. The 2023 trust survey shows an increase from +59 to +72 in trust balance compared to last year's figures.

The Swedish Museums Association has written a report about the trust balance with support by 83 museums directors. The contributing directors offer their take on the high trust in museums, factors that contribute to credibility and how they view political involvement in museum work.   

As a comparison, the Public Health Agency of Sweden scored +57 and health care +50.

The SOM institute has carried out yearly surveys since 1986 to map how the Swedish people’s habits and opinions change over time. The SOM surveys are a well-known and appreciated source of knowledge about the progression of the Swedish society. The results are frequently cited in media and are also taken into account by policy makers and Swedish authorities.