Two German art museums tested the MOI self-evaluation tool for social impact

Workshop participants at the Kunsthaus Dahlem.

From 10-11 February 2022, The Georg Kolbe Museum and Kunsthaus Dahlem in Berlin, Germany, participated in pilot workshops to test a self-evaluation framework that is being developed by the project MOI! Museums of Impact. The framework, which will be available for free at the end of 2022, is a development tool for museums that want to evaluate and develop their activities and organisation with the aim of increasing their societal impact. NEMO is a project partner of MOI.

After the first pilot with the Vabamu Museum of Occupations and Freedom in Tallinn, Estonia, in December 2021, the workshops in Berlin marked another step closer to the completion of the self-evaluation framework. The tool intends to foster and facilitate a participatory dialogue of co-development within museum organisation and is scalable to all types and sizes of museums across Europe.

At the Berlin workshops, 8 members of staff participated in the workshops, which were running in parallel at the respective museums. 7 observers from the MOI project, amongst them 2 NEMO staff members, were present to overlook the pilots while the staff facilitated the workshops themselves. The workshop facilitators, appointed internally by the museum, guided their colleagues in discussions sparked by the self-evaluation questions that come with the MOI self-evaluation tool: such as “How do we work?”, “How does our organisation function?”, “How best can we embed the digital engagement in our strategy?”, “What are our impact goals and how do we best communicate them with our community?”.

All material had been translated into German for the convenience of the German speaking workshop participants. After the sessions, the two Berlin museums expressed gratitude for the chance of participating in the workshops since they got to discuss and reflect on their museum’s impact, their work and possible future improvements.

When asked about the potential benefits of participating in this pilot self-evaluation workshop, Kunsthaus Dahlem director Dorothea Schöne said: “Museums are facing really huge challenges, [including] “what will the museum of the future be”? I think it [the MOI evaluation framework] helps us, as museums, to jointly find solutions or answers ... or maybe find that the way we do things is good as is.

    More pilots to test the usability of the MOI self-evaluation framework are scheduled to take place in Austria, Greece, Finland and Italy. The pilot workshops are an integral part of the further development of the evaluation framework, providing crucial information on its adaptability and usability in practice. Feedback from the pilot round will help finalise the self-evaluation framework, that will be freely available in late 2022 as an open access publication and guidance material.

    About MOI! Museums of Impact  

    MOI is a 3-year long cooperation project (2019-2022) co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme by the European Union. The Finnish Heritage Agency (FI) coordinates the project together with 10 partners: BAM! Strategie Culturali, IT; Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports, EL; Deutscher Museumsbund/NEMO - Network of Museum Organisations, DE; Museum of Cycladic Art, EL; Estonian National Museum/Eesti Rahva Muuseum, EE; Finnish Museums Association, FI; European Museum Academy, NL; Museum Council of Iceland, IS; Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz SPK, DE; and MUSIS Steirischer Museumsverband, AT. The partners represent museums, museum developers and public bodies across Europe. 

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