What Changes will the new EU Copyright Directive bring to Europe's Cultural Heritage Institutions

The Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market was added to the Official Journal of the European Union on 17 May 2019. The Member States of the European Union have until 7 June 2021 to implement the new directive. In preparation for the change, Paul Keller, Policy Advisor to Europeana Foundation explains what the new rules bring to Europe's Cultural Heritage institutions.

Paul Keller analyses and explains the new rules:

  • Access to Out of Commerce works (Articles 8-11)
  • Optional provision providing a legal basis for Extended Collective licensing (Article 12)
  • Reproductions of Public Domain works (Article 12)
  • The new exceptions for making preservation copies (Article 6)
  • The new exceptions Text and Data Mining (Articles 3 and 4)

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