Cato Ebeling Koning

Cato Ebeling Koning was born on 3rd of October 1988 in Deventer, Netherlands. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Studies and Master’s degree in Heritage Studies from the University of Amsterdam. In 2018 she started as a fundraiser at the National Maritime Museum and became Head of Development in 2022. Cato is responsible for the fundraising and sponsorship strategy of the museum. Besides that she is an active member of the Green Team of the museum and initiator of 'ATLAS | the future of exhibitions' and the ‘Meet-ups Sustainable Museums’ that the museum organizes in cooperation with other Dutch museums. 

At NEMO’s European Museum Conference 2023, Cato Ebeling Koning will contribute to the Slam with her presentation "How to become an eco-positive museum in 2030?!" on Tuesday, 21 November.