Margherita Sani

Margherita Sani is adjunct professor at University of Bologna, Italy, and project coordinator at NEMO – the Network of European Museum Organisations, where she leads the Working Group LEM –the Learning Museum and manages the Erasmus+ funded project CHARTER - the Cultural Heritage Skills Alliance.

From 1985 to 2021 she worked at the Institute for Artistic, Cultural and Natural Heritage of Emilia Romagna, focusing on museums and quality systems and European planning for museums.

During her career, Margherita has projected and managed many projects financed by the European Union, in particular about museum education, lifelong learning and intercultural dialogue. Some of those projects have been recognized as best practices by the European Commission.   

She is an active member of various associations and professional museum networks, including NEMO, ICOM and the European Museum Academy. She was member of the Board of NEMO (2010-2019), member of the jury for the Children in Museums Award (2014-2021) and since 2019 member of the Board of Europeana Education.   

At NEMO’s European Museum Conference 2022, Margherita Sani will facilitate the workshop "How can you make your work future proof?" together with Elis Marçal on Monday 10 October.