Lodewijk Kuiper

Lodewijk Kuiper is a senior policy advisor public affairs at the Netherlands Museums Association. He is responsible for the national public affairs, including outreach to the Ministry for Education, Culture and Sciences and Members of Parliament. At the Ministry for Culture, he participates in meetings on policy making processes with the aim to secure the interests of all registered museums in the Netherlands. The topics he works on range from the national cultural infrastructure to specific issues like collection mobility or  fiscal incentives (e.g. Law on Giving).

Lodewijk also contributes to the representation of the interest of the Circle of National Museums (Rijksmusea) in their outreach to Ministry and Parliament. Previously he worked as a personal assistant to a Member of Parliament and worked six years for a Public Affairs agency in The Hague. Lodewijk leads the NEMO Working Group Advocacy and PA.

At NEMO’s European Museum Conference 2020, Lodewijk Kuiper will facilitate a webinar on the value of international cooperation and funding opportunities on 19 November.