Sandro Debono

Sandro Debono PhD (Lond.) is a museum thinker and change-maker mainly active as an advisor and academic based in the Mediterranean island of Malta. His practice straddles theory and extensive experience leading the rethink of a national museum in Malta into a more inclusive and participatory institution. MUŻA, the Malta national-community art museum which he conceived and subsequently led for a short time, also hosted NEMO’s 2018 conference.   



Dr Debono is active as a museum advisor on the rethink of the regional museum of Aosta, sits on the international advisory board of the Anchorage Museum, Alaska U.S.A. and is also a member of the editorial board of Sage Journal Collections: A journal for museums and archives professionals. 

At NEMO’s European Museum Conference 2023, Sandro Debono will facilitate the workshop "Small Museums, Big Impact – The tools and skills for climate change action" on Monday, 20 November.