Sergio Servellón

Sergio Servellón is member of the NEMO Executive Board since 2018, Vice-Chair of the National Committee of ICOM Belgium as president of ICOM Belgium Flanders.

Since 2005, he has been director of FeliXart Museum, which he has reoriented from a monographic to a thematic museum with a focus on the Belgian historical avant-garde movement in the inter-war period. He is web-editor for the site theme ‘Abstract Modernism’ for the Flemish Art Collection.


Servellón worked as programme coordinator of the conservation and restoration department of the Royal Academy of Antwerp and is president of the Pasfoundation , a Maecenas project, part of the King Baudouin Foundation in collaboration with companies, artists and museums.

Sergio Servellón is a member of the NEMO Executive Board.