Teemu Kirjonen

Holding three master’s degrees from the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland, Teemu’s educational background is strongly in music and arts management as is his professional career. In 2023, he finished his basic studies of museology at the University of Turku and he has also reinforced his knowledge on leadership with courses at the Harvard Kennedy School. In 2003–22, he worked for the Lahti Symphony Orchestra in different positions, from 2014 onwards as its general manager.

Since August 2022, Teemu has managed the three museums of the Åbo Akademi University Foundation – Sibelius Museum, Ett Hem and Casa Haartman. Teemu Kirjonen was actively working with the award-winning project “The Carbon-neutral Lahti Symphony Orchestra” (2015–) as the general manager of the orchestra at the Sibelius Hall in Lahti.

At NEMO’s European Museum Conference 2023, Teemu Kirjonen will be part of the panel "Part of the Problem" on Monday, 20 November. 


Navigating with the climate issues in different cultural fields 

Presentation abstract

In his contribution Teemu will describe the process of Lahti's Symphony Orchestra to become carbon-neutral and what it means for the organisational development. 

The climate theme remained also in his new professional life in Turku (2022–) as the three museums of the Åbo Akademi University Foundation are all participating the project Climate Promise of Museums in Southwest Finland, a joint project of 13 professionally maintained museums. He will speak about how this project consists of concrete actions that improve museums’ environmental agency and make permanent changes in their operational models.