Vítor Aleixo

Vitor Manuel Gonçalves Aleixo was born in the city of Loulé in 1956. He has gained an honours degree in History and Social Sciences from the University of Rostov/Don, Russia.

Aleixo’s experience in the world of politics began in the youth circles of the democratic opposition within the Loulé Atlético Sports Club. He actively participated in the student democratic movement that rose up following the Carnation Revolution of 25 April 1974 and was a municipal council member from 1986 to December 1997.

In 1997, he was on the representatives list of the Socialist Party for the Loulé City Council, taking over as mayor in 1999 following the resignation of former mayor Joaquim Vairinhos. He was then elected as Mayor of Loulé in 2013, re-elected in 2017 and in 2021, and holds the position to this day.  

He is directly responsible for the Culture, Local Business, Administrative Modernisation, Land Planning and Administration, and Urban Management departments.  

Aleixo has played an important role where the environment and climate change are concerned, seeking to make a name for the Municipality in these areas. The ways in which he has served the local and regional communities throughout his life have been particularly remarkable.  

Having been the first president of the António Aleixo Foundation, he played an active role in launching the charity. 

At NEMO’s European Museum Conference 2022, Vitor Manuel Gonçalves Aleixo will open the official conference programme on Monday 10 October.