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Creative Europe – What’s in it for museums?

15 April at 11:00 CEST

About the Topic

With the Creative Europe Culture programme, the EU supports European Cooperation Projects with the aim to strengthen the cultural and creative sectors in Europe, to support the mobility of artists and art, to foster capacity building and audience development. As the programme is open to all sectors, museums can apply with very different projects ideas and topics. The aim of the NEMO Webinar is to give an introduction to the main formal criteria, to explain how museums can apply and to inspire viewers by good-practice examples.

Anja Dietzmann and Lea Stöver

Anja Dietzmann and Lea Stöver work for the Creative Europe Desk KULTUR (CED KULTUR) which is the national contact point for Creative Europe Culture in Germany. Organisations from 41 countries are eligible in the programme and you find a Creative Europe Desk in all these countries (check here for your country). The Creative Europe Desks inform potential applicants about the funding opportunities and consult them during the application process.

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Museum lives in post-pandemia

6 May 2020 at 11:00 CEST

About the Topic

The coronavirus pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to the museum landscape. As expected, most institutions turned to social media but should museums think differently when trying to bridge a physical and virtual reality?

This webinar shall explore the ways and means how institutions can sustain relevance over time even when circumstances dictate closure. It shall also provide practical suggestions as to how museums can keep keep sight of their communities' needs and ambitions as these evolve and change over time.

Sandro Debono

Sandro Debono (b. 1970) is a museum thinker and culture strategist. He is the brains behind MUŻA - The Malta National Community Art Museum which he spearheaded and for which he developed the origional guiding vision. He is culture advisor to the President of the Republic of Malta, the national representative at the European Museum Academy and sits on the advisory board of We Are Museums, the international platform of museum innovators and change-makers. He is also visiting lecturer at the Department of Arts, Open Communities and Adult Education (University of Malta), international fora and institutions.

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Mission, vision and values, what else?
  • 29 January 2020
  • Facilitator: David Vuillaume, NEMO Chair and Director of the German Museums Association
  • Download the presentation
  • Part of the BE MUSEUMER programme
Using the Sustainable Development Goals in Museums
Museums and the Sustainable Development Goals


From Museum Education to Public Engagement - Trends and practices in European museums

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