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Developing an exhibition in liaison with visitors - The 360⁰ approach

4 June 2020 at 11:00 CEST

About the Topic

How do you make exhibitions more understandable and attractive to visitors without sacrificing curatorial ideas? One way is it to apply the 360⁰ approach where visitor research effectively can help design all the steps of exhibition development, from the underlying concept, through language formulation, communication strategy to visitor experience. This approach will be illustrated with a case study of an exhibition for families.

Małgorzata Zając

Małgorzata Zając is responsible for co-ordinating research into current and potential audiences and operationalizing its findings in the POLIN Museum’s activities. She has also actively promoted state-of-the-art marketing data acquisition and application ideas to cultural institutions. Earlier, Małgorzata spent 11 years marketing research services and developing syndicated projects for the international research group Ipsos in Poland.

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The art of networking

24 June at 11:00 CEST

About the Topic

Networks are not a new phenomenon but are at the core of societal constitution. However, the notion appears more adequate nowadays than ever. Social networks are considered to be one of the most appropriate organisational forms of the 21st century given their flexible, adaptable, non-hierarchical and open character. In a world of disorder and uncertainty, they offer the opportunity to combine efforts, quickly connect people and knowledge and provide orientation, although they often struggle to sustain continuity.

This webinar will explore why museums also gather in networks and what their impact is. Benefits and challenges of organisational museum networks are explored by considering examples from the field. Further, it will offer some practical guidelines on how to set up and coordinate such networks, especially when it comes to international collaboration.

Anna Steinkamp

Since 2017, Anna works as an independent consultant in international cultural cooperation and project management. She specialises on strategies for networks of culture cooperation and offer strategic consultancy for actors in the field of international cooperation. Further, Anna facilitates international projects and advise on how to effectively and sustainably implement complex projects in the public sector.

Previously, she has worked for the German Commission for UNESCO for over ten years within the Division of Culture. During that time, she was co-founder and executive coordinator of the global U40 Network “Cultural Diversity 2030 of young experts. In 2014/15, Anna headed the task force of the 2015 UNESCO World Heritage Committee session in Bonn, Germany. Anna hold Masters in Public Policy and in Cultural Sciences and conducted research on network governance since 2013.

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Museum lives in post-pandemia
  • 6 May 2020
  • Facilitator: Sandro Debono, museum thinker and culture strategist
  • Download the presentation
Creative Europe – What’s in it for museums?
Mission, vision and values, what else?
  • 29 January 2020
  • Facilitator: David Vuillaume, NEMO Chair and Director of the German Museums Association
  • Download the presentation
  • Part of the BE MUSEUMER programme
Using the Sustainable Development Goals in Museums

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