Joint statement on the EU public consultation on digital cultural heritage

© Image: Courtesy Pimlico Project In this photograph a person takes a photo of a colourful and abstract installation using a tablet. The photo shows only their hands.

© Image: Courtesy Pimlico Project

In a statement NEMO, Culture Action Europe, ViMM and Michael Culture Association make important additions to the public consultation, which by no means cover all aspects of digital cultural heritage. NEMO also urged museums to use the statement to respond to the consultation, which was open until Monday 14 September 2020.

The European Commission was asking for input on the opportunities offered by digital technologies to the cultural heritage sector in view to amend the 2011 Recommendation on digitising cultural material and digital preservation. However, NEMO, Culture Action Europe, ViMM and Michael Culture Association realised that it falls short in addressing some key developments and challenges that are central to digital cultural heritage. Therefore, beyond responding to the public consultation, the expert organisations wish to contribute to the ongoing discussion with a few additional ideas.

The organisations urged museum and cultural heritage professionals to be part of making an impact by: 

  1. Follow the link: 
  2. Login or register (This login helps you to access, work with and communicate with the EC in general, so it really makes sense to invest a minute to have a profile)
  3. Respond to the survey and including the statement in the last question of the consultation
  4. Share the statement and this message with your contacts and urge them to also respond

Please note that the consultation closed on Monday 14 September 2020.