American Alliance of Museum’s 2019 Museum Trend Forecast

The American Alliance of Museum (AAM) has identified five emerging trends in its annual forecast, which can be ordered online.

Truth and trust, blockchain, decolonization, homelessness and housing insecurity, and self-care have been identified as trends in 2019 and are each explored further in the AAM forecast report. Find a short summary of the topics below.

Truth, Trust, and Fake News
Trust in government and other organisations is at an all-time low. But non-profits and museums in particular remain among the most trusted sources of information. How can museums retain and build upon this trust?

Ledger de Main: How blockchain is transforming transactions
As blockchain technology is used in more fields, it is important that one understands what blockchain is and how it works. This chapter also explores how the fairly new technology might affect museum work.

Give Me Shelter: Everyone deserves a place to live
This chapter explores how cultural nonprofits can ensure that people experiencing housing insecurity can exercise their right to take part in cultural life.

Take Care: Building resilience and sustainable practice
In the face of rising stress and stretched resources, it is more important than ever for individuals and institutions to recognise the need for setting aside time and resources for restorative practice. After all, society owes a debt to everyone who does the hard work of making the world a better place.

The Executive Summary can be accessed online for free and the full report can be ordered from the AAM via