Appeal for continued support to protect Ukrainian cultural heritage

 This image is a video still. Vasyl Rozhko sits in a room with dark walls. In the background a spotlight is directed at him.

At NEMO’s European Museum Conference 2022, Vasyl Rozhko from the Heritage Rescue Emergency Initiative (HERI) delivered a video message from Ukraine about the current situation for museum professionals and the important work that HERI is carrying out to protect cultural heritage from the war.

NEMO has supported HERI from the very start and we want to highlight this video message and the appeal for continued support to HERI and Ukraine. The brave and dedicated people behind the initiative is doing remarkable work in an on-going crisis, to protect their heritage from the Russian invasion, to physically move objects into safety, to prepare for restoration as well as to digitally preserve cultural heritage.  

The massive digitalisation project is preserving Ukraine’s cultural heritage and making it accessible globally. As Vasyl says, “Now we are preserving our heritage, our Ukrainian uniqueness, not only for our children but for the world. It’s a time when we not only preserve heritage, but when we open it, and the world can discover unique Ukrainian culture.” The significance of the digitalisation project is even more palpable knowing that Ukrainian cultural heritage has been deliberately targeted by Russian forces.

  • Vasyl Rozhko is available to answer questions per email

How to donate to HERI  

Donations in EUR can be sent to the bank details below. The account belongs to Tustan NGO, which is one of the co-founders of HERI. Because of the war, it has been impossible for HERI to register a new organisation and bank account. Donations in dollars and Ukrainian Hryvnia is also possible. Find more details about donations and wire transfer in this document

Name account holder: Tustan NGO 
Street: Tchaikovsky, house 17 
City and postal code: 79000, Lviv region, Lviv city, 
Country Ukraine 
International Bank Account Number: UA 55 325365 0000002600301609010 
Additional Information: 
(for example: Routing number/ ABA- number for USA)