Be part of creating policy recommendation for a green museum sector

 Photo shows a very modern and white building from inside. A big, illuminated globe is hanging from the ceiling.

NEMO is conducting a research on museums and climate change with the aim of creating recommendations for policy makers and help steer the sector towards a green and sustainable future. Every answer to the survey, which opened on Earth Day and will close on 22 June, counts. Please take it and share it with your contacts.

Everyone working at a museum or freelancing for museums are welcome to answer the survey. If you do not know the answer to a question, simply choose "I do not know" and move on to the next question. These responses are also helpful as we map the status quo of European museums’ transition and journey towards sustainability in a time of climate emergency.

The survey seeks to investigate the role of climate change and sustainability in the following themes: 

  • Strategic Relevance 
  • Infrastructure and Building 
  • Funding 
  • Risk Assessment, Adaptation and Agility 
  • Expertise, Skills and Training 
  • Work Methods and Guiding Principles 
  • Public Actions 
  • Networking and Advocacy 

Please allocate 15 minutes to answer the survey, which is open until 22 June 2022. The answers are anonymous. NEMO welcomes you to consult the glossary in case some concepts are unclear and suggest using the Google Chrome browser if you wish to use the integrated Google Translate tool to read the questions in another language. 

Access the survey via  

NEMO encourages you to share the survey widely with your peers, in your network and through your channels since each additional answer increases the accuracy of the recommendations that will be derived from the survey results. With your contribution, NEMO will be better equipped to help European museums transition and further establish their important role as key players in fighting climate change and contribute to a more sustainable future.