Be part of developing the European Collaborative Cloud for Cultural Heritage

© Image: Andy Colwell Man leaning over a table positioning a picture that he is photographing in order to digitalize it

© Image: Andy Colwell

The European Commission is collecting feedback on the European Collaborative Cloud for Cultural Heritage. NEMO invites museum professionals to have their say about the new EU tool for digital cultural heritage by taking a questionnaire that is open until Wednesday 2 November 2022.

The Cloud is an initiative for a digital infrastructure that will connect cultural heritage institutions and professionals across the European Union as well as develop specific digital tools for the sector. The questionnaire was launched with the aim of grasping the specific needs of the cultural heritage sector and NEMO hopes that the digital needs of the museum sector will be represented in the results. Respondents to the survey will directly impact the further development of the Cloud.

The European Collaborative Cloud for Cultural Heritage will unlock the untapped potential of the sector by assisting all cultural heritage organisations, regardless of their size and focus, in working with their digital assets in a more visible, connected, harmonised and informed manner to become successful players in the digital sphere.

This will enable unprecedented transdisciplinary and large-scale collaboration between specialists, who, by remotely connecting to the Cloud, will be able to work in a highly professional digital working space using state of the art tools.

The Cloud will also assist in generating new revenue for cultural heritage organisations by creating new marketing and commercialisation opportunities, particularly for the sector's digital component.