Call for best practice examples of museums working with migrants

ICOM Russia has announced a call for best practice examples on the topic of museums' work with migrants and representatives of different cultures. The most successful cases will be included in an digital collection of best practices with guidelines for museum employees. The publication is being prepared within the framework of the project “Migration: Revealing the Personal”.

Museums with successful experience and/or specific projects related to the following tasks are invited to participate in the creation of the book: 

  • Social and cultural integration of migrants and refugees;
  • Representation of issues of resettlement, displacement, movement (voluntary and forced) and involvement of the public in the reflection on these topics (including for understanding their own identity);
  • Encouragement of the dialogue between representatives of different cultures, religions, ethnic groups and communities with different socio-cultural backgrounds;
  • Promotion of the value of cultural diversity to the public (in particular, through the interpretation of the "migration history" of museum exhibits).

The project “Migration: Revealing the Personal” aims to strengthen museums' competence in solving the problem of negative attitudes to migration as well as discrimination of people with migration background and lack of conditions for their social adaptation in the Russian society.

More information about the book as well as the application procedure is available on ICOM Russia's website.

The deadline for application is 30 April 2020.  If you like to participate in this book, please fill in the form and send it to the ICOM Russia Executive directorate -