Call for papers: new conference on museum futures

The University of Malta Valletta Campus has announced a bi-annual museum conference that will discuss the future of museums. The first edition of MUŻE.X - Shaping Museum Futures will take place from 4-6 November 2020 in Valletta, Malta. Paper proposals are welcomed until 30 April 2020.

The conference aims to present the latest thinking, actions and initiatives that modestly or radically depart from the traditional mould of curator/object-central spaces. The organisers wish to showcase the latest developments in the museum landscape, for instance in the fields of climate change, artificial intelligence and future technologies.

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Find more details about the call for papers online.

The bi-annual conference is an international project developed jointly by Prof. Carmel Borg and Dr Sandro Debono at the Department of Arts, Open Communities and Adult Education (University of Malta).