Call for participants to online NEMO Training Course on sustainability

© Image: Daniel Funes Fuentes Two people are shown from the back while putting plants into triangle-shaped pots. Numerous pots are attached to a green and white wall, creating a geometric pattern.

© Image: Daniel Funes Fuentes

In May and June, NEMO will organise four two-hour sessions on sustainability in cultural heritage. The NEMO Training Course will be facilitated by Caitlin Southwick, founder and executive director of Ki Culture, and Ki Culture specialists. Applications are welcome until Friday 14 April 2021.

The NEMO Training Course will take place online on 18, 26 May & 3, 11 June 2021. It is designed as an introduction to the concept of sustainability in the culture sector. It is also suitable for those familiar with the topic of sustainability as this training course will introduce practical tools and resources for professionals - from Agenda 2030 to circularity, carbon footprint calculations, and decolonization. The program will delve into the various topics in depth and provide guidance on how to implement sustainable action through the Ki Books.

The training will be a deep-dive into sustainability at museums, previously discussed by Caitlin Southwick at NEMO’s first online European Museums conference.

Members of NEMO attend Learning Exchanges and Training Courses free of charge. Upon a successful application, 16 members will be selected to attend the virtual course. The selection of participants is made according to a) their profile and b) how often the organisation they are representing already has benefitted from NEMO’s trainings.

Non-members are welcome to participate for a fee of 150 euro.