Call for researcher for NEMO report on climate policies addressing museums

© Alamy Stock Photo, Image: Wolfgang Diederich Rooftop overlooking a city with solar panels in the foreground of picture and big colourful see-through artwork in the background that people are walking through.

Aarhus Art Museum AROS rooftop with solar panels. © Alamy Stock Photo, Image: Wolfgang Diederich

The annual NEMO report in 2023 will offer an overview of climate related policies that address museums in Europe. NEMO will hire an external researcher to conduct and compile the research that will be presented in the report. Proposals from interested researchers are welcome until 31 March 2023.

Following up on NEMO’s 2022 report on the status quo of museums in the climate crisis, the next report will offer an analysis of current climate related policies on national, regional and local level in the 27 member states of the European Union. The researcher is also expected to collect examples of museums from different EU countries implementing and utilizing climate policies in their operations. It is also required that the researcher sets up a practical guide that museums can refer to when utilizing and implementing climate related policies in their work.

  • Find more details about the scope and targets in the call for proposals.
  • Apply by sending a proposal for the research including methodology, timeline and an estimate for your fee until 31 March 2023.
  • The selected researcher will be notified in the beginning of April. The study should be finalised by 1 September 2023. Publication design is made separately by NEMO.