Call for video presentations and posters for NEMO conference on social responsibility

NEMO and the German Museums Association are inviting submissions of posters and video presentations on topics relevant for the upcoming online conference “Museums and Social Responsibility: Values Revisited”. The conference takes place from 17-18 September and is organised within the framework of Germany’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Submissions are welcomed until 31 Augusts 2020.

The conference will discuss the core aspects of community involvement and development. Short lectures, panel discussions and workshops are dedicated to the following topics:

  • Community involvement
  • Education and culture
  • Employment creation and skills development
  • Social investment
  • Technology development and access issue

Posters and video presentations on the same topics are welcome. Accepted submissions will be added to the Expo area of the online conference platform Hopin. At any point during the conference, the participants can enter the Expo area and look at the available presentations. In case they would like to learn more about your project they may write a comment or register their interest and you will get an email notification with their contact details. A presentation can consist of a pre-recorded video, live-streamed video or a poster.

A pre-recorded video presentation of the project is preferred but posters are also welcome. In order to be displayed properly, the poster should be in A4 landscape (or similar size). 

Submission Requirements

  • Presenter name.
  • Presenter email. This is the email that will receive emails from attendees who click the button “Register Interest” in the booth.
  • Presenter Headline. This is the short description text underneath the Presenter name. 
  • Twitter ID/ Social media links.
  • Background image. This image is underneath the text and logo on the Presenter’s card that you see when viewing the list of booths. Best dimensions: 1920x1080px.
  • Name and Logo of your organisation. For the best appearance, Hopin recommends using a transparent image file and a round circle if possible. Best dimensions: 1080x1080px.
  • Website link.
  • Title of the Project/Presentation
  • Short Abstract A few words describing the presentation booth.
  • Link to the video (for instance YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia).It is also possible to create a live video session. This will allow you and attendees to interact on live camera within the booth (and up to 500 attendees can simply watch). Keep in mind that the Expo area always is open during the conference.
  • In case you do not have a video, we can include a poster.

NEMO will only consider submissions that include:

  • Clear connection to the conference topic
  • A link to your video: If it is not yet ready, please describe the planned content.
  • For poster: Include a mock-up of the poster. (A4 landscape (or similar size)). 
    - We encourage techniques like sketch noting/ visual notetaking to gather all relevant information on one page.
    - At best, the poster should be self-explanatory, so that those interested can understand your poster even without a presentation and, if interested, you can get into contact later

In case you would like to a have a closer look at the Expo area, check out Hopin’s demo. Please note that they bring up features that we will not include since NEMO and the German Museums Association will use the Expo feature as a presentation area rather than a vendor area.

Deadline: extended to 13 September 2020