Cookbook highlights the 8 calls of the Cultural Deal for Europe Campaign

 This graphic announces the Cookbook in a serif font. It is decorated with minimalistic drawings of vegetables.

As part of the Cultural Deal for Europe Campaign, Culture Action Europe has published a cookbook with 8 recipes for the 8 calls making up the campaign to create a palatable breakdown of the Cultural Deal for Europe.

By deconstructing the Cultural Deal for Europe statement into 8 independent recipes, Culture Action Europe wants to showcase the modular and standalone strength of the 8 individual calls, but also how they together create a strong framework – as an 8 course dining experience. Each recipe includes a description of the metaphor for the dish, ingredients, preparation method and a link to the actual call from the Cultural Deal for Europe statement. For instance, the ‘Sprouted bean salad with lemon zest’ connects to Covid-19 recovery, Borscht to support for Ukraine and ‘Ghost jello’ to the working conditions of artists and cultural workers.

About the idea of publishing a cookbook, Culture Action Europe writes ‘Cooking and food is a universal concept that brings people together. It is a metaphor that is understandable for everyone, has enormous cultural, social, environmental, and economic dimensions and speaks to our (shared) identities, cultural heritage, history, traditions and innovation. The process of cooking requires an active engagement from the ones preparing the dish – so the Cookbook is an invitation and a call for action to roll your sleeves up and engage with the calls of the Cultural Deal for Europe. On the other hand, the cookbook also refers to the concept of sharing food as a dimension of creating communities.’

The Cultural Meal for Europe is Culture Action Europe’s tasty contribution to the Cultural Deal for Europe Campaign, developed by Culture Action Europe, the European Cultural Foundation, and Europa Nostra, acting also on behalf of the European Heritage Alliance. As a member of the European Heritage Alliance, NEMO supports and endorses the Cultural Deal for Europe Campaign.

The Cultural Deal for Europe Campaign calls on the European Union to fully integrate culture into its actions and policies, as an overarching strategy in analogy to its Green Deal, to safeguard the sustainability and the future of the European project.