Culture Action Europe puts Culture on the Agenda in a EP Elections Campaign

"No Europe without culture” sets the tone for Culture Action Europe’s European Parliament elections campaign. NEMO has already pushed for museums needs in a statement of museum recommendations and priorities, issued in April last year.

From 23-26 May 2019, all EU citizens are encouraged to cast their vote for the European Parliament. Up until the elections, Culture Action Europe will inform voters about the election and campaign for culture to be put high on the agenda of the political parties.

Culture Action Europe aims to foster a stronger recognition for the importance of culture for a unified and strong European Union through the campaign. EU citizens are encouraged to make their voice heard by participating in the European Elections. The role of culture in the political party programmes will be emphasized in the campaign, which enables voters to make an informed decision to support culture in the EU.

Culture Action Europe encourages people to participate in the campaign and has for instance produced poster material and collected culture focused questions to ask the candidates, translated to several different languages.

Download the toolkit to find out how to get involved.

Download the NEMO statement Priorities for Museums - NEMO Recommendations for the European Parliament Elections in 2019, which puts emphasis on the museum sector’s priorities in the upcoming EP elections.