Culture in Crisis Portal maps and supports heritage at risk

The V&A’s Culture in Crisis Portal is free to use and contributes to protecting the world’s cultural heritage and supporting communities that suffer cultural loss, whether through conflict, criminal acts or consequences of the climate crisis.

The Portal provides a forum for sharing information and raising public awareness by bringing together those with a shared interest in protecting cultural heritage. People can quickly and easily register their preservation projects, as well as searching for those already in existence.

The Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) in London, the United Kingdom, launched the platform with an outspoken commitment to protect the world's cultural heritage and support communities that suffer cultural loss. On the website of the portal, the V&A writes that “We understand the impact of cultural heritage loss on communities and the contrasting positive role its preservation can have in rebuilding and recovering these areas following conflict and disasters. As such we aim to encourage a cross-disciplinary approach, raising public awareness and working with organisations from a variety of backgrounds to take a holistic approach to the protection of heritage in all its forms.

NEMO’s recent report on museums in the climate crisis indicates that museums are not prepared for the risks associated with climate change. NEMO recommends that museums analyse and prepare for the climate-associated risks applicable to them and their communities to ensure the safety of collections, premises and functioning of museums for future generations.