Culture’s contributions to the EU economy

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© National Gallery of Ireland

A new publication by KEA and EIF presents an overview of the contributions of museums and other cultural heritage institutions to the EU economy.

All in all, the cultural and creative sectors account for 413 billion euro (5,5%) in terms of value added. The sector employs on average 6.2% of the workforce and 12.1% of companies are active within the sector. The publication Market Analysis of the Cultural and Creative Sectors in Europe also analyses recent trends and developments:

  • Cultural heritage institutions are expanding their digital offers to enhance user experience and attract new audiences.
  • Access and reuse of digital content can generate additional revenue streams for heritage institutions.
  • Beyond its cultural and social value, cultural heritage drives territorial development and job creation in a variety of economic sectors.
  • European local authorities are diversifying investment in their cultural heritage resources to increase territorial attractiveness.