Digital Success in Museums

A recent study investigates the structure of digital teams in museums and offers suggestions of how the transition towards digital maturity best is carried through.

Kati Price, V&A-Victoria and Albert Museum, UK, and Dafydd James, Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales, Wales, have compiled 56 survey answers from GLAM organisations from across the world in the paper Structuring For Digital Success: A Global Survey Of How Museums And Other Cultural Organizations Resource, Fund, And Structure Their Digital Teams And Activity

The authors give guidance to cultural institutions of how they can and should work in digital teams as well as how they can measure digital success. 

<link https: paper structuring-for-digital-success-a-global-survey-of-how-museums-and-other-cultural-organisations-resource-fund-and-structure-their-digital-teams-and-activity external link in new>Read the full study here.