Dutch Diversity & Inclusion Code now available in English

 Three people are sitting on stairs in the foreground and laughing. Behind them two more people are sitting, captured out of focus.

The Netherlands Museums Association is one of the initiators of the Diversity & Inclusion Code, which offers the cultural and creative sector tools for the structural change necessary for an inclusive sector. The guide has recently been translated to English.

The Diversity & Inclusion Code is a code of conduct of, for and by the Dutch cultural and creative sector. The code is self-regulating, with the aim of representing the broad diversity of Dutch society in the sector. It is of great necessity that the sector is equally accessible and attractive to everyone, where everyone is valued and respected and heard and feels at home.

The code focuses specifically on employers and employees in the cultural and creative sector, and consists of five principles that have been elaborated in a step-by-step plan. Museums can apply the code is by following these steps. It is not a checklist, but rather behaviour, inclusive mindset and actions, determines the impact of the code.

In order to receive (structural) subsidy from the government and/or public funds, museums have to consider the Code and explain how they will incorporate it in their work to create a more inclusive environment.