Successful NEMO Political Internship with EESC President Luca Jahier at Royal Museums Turin

© Image: Daniele Bottallo Man restoring an ancient piece of art with the guidance of a restaurator

© Image: Daniele Bottallo

On Friday 24 May 2019, Luca Jahier, President of the European Economic and Social Committee participated in a NEMO Political Internship in Museums at the Royal Museums of Turin. He left the memorable experience with a greater awareness of museums and museum work that stretches beyond the exhibition halls.

President Jahier has already expressed his support for culture by making culture a top priority of his presidency. Therefore, NEMO invited the President to participate in a political internship and give him a unique behind the scenes experience of the Royal Museums of Turin as well as of the museum sector’s contribution to everyday social cohesion, education and development. On the question about his expectations of the day, the president said “I am expecting to better understand how museums operate in this age of transformation. l also expect to end my visit more informed and enriched".

Before joining the museum staff in their day-to-day work, the President was welcomed and briefed about the NEMO internship by Enrica Pagella, director of the Royal Museums and Margherita Sani, NEMO board member. Under the guidance of Alessandra Curti, the President got to clean a "targhetta", a small kind of shield, in the restiarion lab. The President also got to prepare a condition report for an upcoming loan, assist in a children educational workshop on how to use gold leafs as well as meeting volunteers and turning the lights off together with the security staff.

It is safe to say the the President got a varied experience from several museum departments. The day before the internship,  Julia Pagel, NEMO Secretary General, said that: “NEMO is honoured to facilitate President Jahier with a view behind the exhibition halls at the Royal Museums of Turin. The experience will provide an understanding of the manifold activities and tasks that museums carry out every day by creating spaces for inspiration, reflection and dialogue.”

In the same press release, President Jahier, said that “I firmly believe that culture and the understanding of our diverse heritage has a key role to play in driving a sustainable future for an open and democratic Europe, in promoting a rEUnaissance. I am therefore happy to have the chance to put myself at the service of this cultural wealth and exchange with the people working in the museum, whose skills and engagement is essential in transmitting this treasure to current and future generations.”