EU Commission asks for feedback on mental health initiative in a public consultation

© Image: Gilber Franco A woman in profile is sitting down on a bench and looks at four paintings on a wall.

© Image: Gilber Franco

Until 15 February 2023, the European Commission welcomes the citizens of the EU to give their input and feedback on a new initiative that will deal with mental health. To be sure that museum are recognised in the new initiative, NEMO encourages contributions that give accounts of the benefits of museums and culture in improving mental health wellbeing.

There are several examples and research of how museums improve mental health. Well-known examples include doctor prescribed museum visits to boost mental health, which has been tested in Belgium and Canada.

Regarding the initiative for a Comprehensive Approach to Mental Health, the European Commission writes that mental health issues are a major societal challenge in the European Union that deeply affects the health and wellbeing of individuals and has profound implications for the economy and social cohesion.

The initiative for mental health is listed as one of the executive’s top priorities in the Commission’s Work Programme for 2023 and is planned to be presented on 7 June under the leadership of Vice-President Margaritis Schinas. The initiative aims to set out:

  • How action at EU level can help promote good mental health and prevent, mitigate and respond to mental health challenges.
  • How mental health considerations should be factored into a wide variety of resilient EU and national policies for the benefit of people across the EU.