EU funding and cooperation explained in new NEMO Toolkit

NEMO has produced a toolkit to help museums, museum associations and other cultural organisations across Europe to better access EU funding and increase their international activities. The toolkit gives an overview of the benefits of international cooperation and the existing funding opportunities. With the toolkit, NEMO wants to increase the number of museums participating in EU funding programmes.    

NEMO wants to empower museums to explore cross-border cooperation and offers them a step-by-step guide throughout the whole process. NEMO wants to show them the added value of cooperation for their internationalisation, learning and training activities.

Furthermore, NEMO also wants to assist the national museum umbrella organisations in their efforts of helping museums in their countries make use of EU (or other) funding programmes as well as to increase sector professionalisation through cooperation and awareness.

As a European network, NEMO’s efforts are directed to facilitate an understanding of the European Union, its functioning and funding mechanisms, ultimately to encourage and enable museums to operate across borders, learn from each other and exchange expertise.

NEMO wants to share its extensive experience from cross-border cooperation to help other organisations get started. One of the central roles of NEMO, is to provide members and the museum community at large with accessible information about funding and promote the many benefits of cooperation.