G20: Culture reaffirmed as enabler for sustainable development

The final deceleration of the G20 meeting, which took place from 15-16 November 2022 in Bali, Indonesia, affirms the role of culture as a driver and enabler for sustainable development.

The final declaration approved by the G20 reads that “We reaffirm the role of culture as an enabler and driver for sustainable development with intrinsic value beyond its social and economic benefits. We are committed to develop policies that draw on cultural diversity as a resource for sustainable living and promote an inclusive and equitable ecosystem at all levels that values the contribution of those working in the culture, arts and heritage sectors. We will respect, protect and preserve the cultural heritage of our peoples, including local communities and indigenous peoples, as applicable. We support public incentives and sustainable investments from the private sector to strengthen the cultural economy. We will safeguard cultural heritage as well as fighting illicit trafficking of cultural property and promoting restitution to its rightful owner/countries of origin, in accordance with the relevant UNESCO Conventions and national laws”.

NEMO's recent report on museums in the climate crisis resonates with the G20 declaration considering that out report highlight museums' important role in educating the public about climate change and promote positive change.