German Museums Association revises a publication on recommendations for the care of human remains

The German Museums Association has announced that it is updating the widely consulted guidelines "Recommendations for the Care of Human Remains for German Museums and Collections", first published in 2013. The new version will be published in German, English and French.

A press release from the association reads that the appropriate care of human remains is an important topic for museums worldwide, especially within the discussion about colonial collections and in connection to return requests. Since autumn 2019, an interdisciplinary working group made up of ethnologists, archaeologists, anthropologists, lawyers and ethicists has been revising the guide and bringing it up to date, with the support of international colleagues.

With the new edition of the publication, the German Museums Association offers sponsors and decision-makers in museums and collections clear rules and working aids for the care of human remains, in particular in the context of restitution claims and as part of the ongoing discussion about colonial heritage.