Get ready for #MuseumWeek 2022 and connect with new audiences

 This image shows a pixilated version of a fresco of two hands touching by Michelangelo. On top is text in an equally pixilated typography. It announces the event 7 Days in June 2022.

From 13-19 June 2022, the global online event #MuseumWeek takes place across the world on social media channels. Participate to connect with online audiences by sharing 7 posts on 7 topics with 7 different hashtags on the theme culture, society and innovation.

Prepare by already considering how to respond to the daily topics and which item from your collection you would like to feature. #MuseumWeek presents an opportunity to let your collections out in the digital spere while you connect with a wider audience on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. During the event, check out the hashtags to find inspiration to future social media posts by seeing how international museums communicate about their collections and how they address current issues.

Find more information about the 7 topics and the corresponding hashtags below.

  • Monday 13 June - Innovation and Culture
    Share the online and offline ways that you promote culture, especially when you highlight equality, diversity and inclusion.
    Use the daily hashtag #InnovationMW.
  • Tuesday 14 June - Creators
    Museums can curate playlists and stories and display artworks based on audience suggestions.
    Use the daily hashtag #CreatorsMW.
  • Wednesday 15 June - Freedom
    This is particularly important in light of the war in Ukraine, but you can also think about the topic in terms of freedom of information, freedom of speech etc.
    Use the daily hashtag #FreedomMW.
  • Thursday 16 June - Sexuality
    A broad topic that can break down stereotypes and celebrate cultural and scientific content on love, gender, relationships, feelings, and more.
    Use the daily hashtag #SexualityMW.
  • Friday 17 June -Environment
    Show how your museum is tackling the climate crisis and global warming. This topic was chosen for Friday so it fits the Fridays for Future movement as well. Sustainability and climate change is one of NEMO’s key topics. At the moment, we have a survey running on the topic. The reponses will feed into recommendations for policy makers and help steer the sector towards a sustainable future.
    Use the daily hashtag #EnvironmentMW.
  • Saturday 18 June - Life Lessons
    From general inspirational quotes to the work of great scientists, artists and thinkers, this is all about the power of memorable words. Encourage your followers to share their own life lessons, too.
    Use the daily hashtag #LifeLessonsMW.
  • Sunday 19 June - Dance
    Dance is used here as a symbol of life and rebirth. MuseumWeek organisers encourage you to get your audiences dancing, either in your museum or online.
    Use the daily hashtag #DanceMW.

Download the programme to learn more about the topics and find more information about #MuseumWeek. The programme is also available in French, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, German and Japanese.

You don’t need to post every day to participate. Pick the topics that resonates with your museum and to which your museum has something to say.

MuseumWeek is an international community of professionals working in Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums, Science and Music Centres, or any other cultural organisations, interested into having a social impact through Culture, by organizing online and offline events. MuseumWeek also brings together a global community of artists and digital creators committed to social change.