Guidance supporting decolonisation in museums

 A museum professional wearing gloves is holding an object and presenting it to a group of three people. Two are wearing colourful traditional clothing. One is looking attentively at the object, while the other is looking at their phone. The third person is photographes from the back indicating at the object.

On 8 November 2021, the UK Museums Association published the guide Supporting Decolonisation in Museums with the aim of empowering more people to take action and lead change as museums address the legacy of British colonialism.

The guidance covers all areas of practice, with sections on collaboration, collections, workforce and more. It offers prompts for thinking, discussion and action, recognising there is no single 'right' way to decolonise museums. It is intended to help people from across the museum sector to engage with decolonising practice, regardless of size or type of institution.

Supporting Decolonisation in Museums was produced by the Museums Association’s Decolonisation Guidance Working Group, with support from Association’s Ethics Committee. It was developed following the findings of the 2019 Empowering Collections report, which recognised the growing interest in decolonising museums, but a lack of confidence in how to put this into practice.  

On the same day, the new Decolonisation Confidence and Skills programme was announced. The programme will help museums to implement decolonising practice in their work and further details will be announced in 2022.