Guide to UK Museums in the Event of a No-Deal Brexit

The Arts Council England has put together a guide on Brexit for the arts, museums and libraries. In case of a No-deal Brexit, the exit guide can be helpful for museums to organise the UK’s leave from the EU.

The guide includes

  • Information for organisations which successfully bid into EU programmes such as Creative Europe and Horizon 2020 before the end of 2020. These will need to fill in a form to take up the UK Government’s funding guarantee, which will underwrite EU funds if/when they are withdrawn.
  • Information on freedom of movement, immigration and citizens’ rights, including the registration scheme for EU nationals, which is now without a charge, with a deadline of 30th June 2021.
  • Guidance about travelling abroad, particularly for those travelling to Europe with a UK passport.
  • Movement of goods across customs and borders, including the advice that there could be reduced access across the straits at Dover and Folkestone for up to six months post-Brexit. There is also specific advice on fine art transportation.
  • There are also technical notices on copyright, intellectual property and data protection, which may also be affected in the short or long term.

Download the guide here.