Guidelines on how to Care of Collections from Colonial Contexts

Übersee-Museum Bremen, Foto: Volker Beinhorn

NEMO member the German Museums Association has released a new edition of the Guidelines for the Care of Collections from Colonial Contexts. With its release, the association also demands lasting and stronger support for the return of objects and transparent cooperation with societies of origin.

In a press release, it is stated that “For a proper handling of objects from colonial contexts it is also critical to have a permanent exchange with societies and countries of origin. A dialogue at eye level, sustainable cooperations and transparency must be realized. Trust must be built up in the long term and networks must be created.”

The second version of the guidelines contain the results of a workshop with museum experts from 11 different societies of origin. The guidelines provide a hands-on toolkit for dealing with objects from colonial contexts and working with societies of origin.

>> Read the Guidelines for the Care of Collections from Colonial Contexts. The online publication is published in German, English and French.