Guidelines on how to implement the DSM Directive

© Image: Christian Fregnan One person is taking picture of another person who is taking a picture of a painting. They are photographed from the back.

© Image: Christian Fregnan

Communia has released guidelines for the implementation of the DSM Directive. The guidelines are helpful to museums as well as other cultural organisations to understand the implications of the EU Digital Single Market Strategy. They also include a helpful FAQ section on digital preservation of cultural heritage.

On 7 June 2021, EU Member States must have implemented the Directive into national laws. The recently released guidelines are part of a wider implementation project of COMMUNIA and its members Centrum Cyfrowe and Wikimedia to make sure that local communities in as many countries as possible participate in their national legislative processes. The guidelines are aimed at local advocates and national policy makers, and have the general objective of expanding and strengthening user rights at a national level beyond what is strictly prescribed by the new Copyright Directive.