Invitation to co-design the New European Bauhaus

On 18 January 2021, the European Commission officially launched the co-design phase of the New European Bauhaus. Stakeholders from the cultural and creative sector are invited to contribute to the development of the new initiative. The New European Bauhaus is an environmental, economic and cultural project, aiming to combine design, sustainability, quality, affordability and investment to help deliver the European Green Deal.

The New European Bauhaus wants to integrate culture in the process of making our society more sustainable and inclusive. In order to achieve this goal, the cultural and creative sector is invited to co-design the initiative. NEMO is encouraging the museum community to engage with the initiative and make sure that museums are part of shaping the project.

The project websiteserves as the hub of the co-design phase and includes the following:

  1. A broad invitation to all interested stakeholders and networks to organise conversations around the New European Bauhaus concept, supported by an “engagement toolkit”;
  2. A harvesting tool to collect inputs through three complementary entry points:
    • Existing inspiring examples for the New European Bauhaus
    • Challenges and needs related to the New European Bauhaus
    • Ideas for the New European Bauhaus action and community
  3. A call to become Partner of the New European Bauhaus

The co-design phase will conclude in calls for proposals next autumn to bring New European Bauhaus ideas to life in at least five EU Member States through the use of EU funds at national and regional levels.

During the spring 2021, the European Commission will launch the first edition of the New European Bauhaus prize.