Majority of European citizens see climate change as a serious problem

© Image: Alexander Abero A round concrete stairwell is shown from below. In its middle there is a tree.

© Image: Alexander Abero

Results from a Eurobarometer published on 20 July 2023, shows that a huge majority of European citizens (93%) believe that climate change is a serious problem facing the world.

According to the results, over half of those surveyed (58%) think that the transition to a green economy should be speeded up in the face of energy price spikes and concerns over gas supplies after Russia's invasion of Ukraine. They also feel the threat of climate change in their daily lives. On average, over a third of Europeans feel personally exposed to environmental and climate-related risks and threats, with more than half feeling this way in 7 Member States, mostly in Southern Europe but also in Poland and Hungary.

63% of those surveyed agree that preparing for the impacts of climate change can have positive outcomes for EU citizens.

Museums must keep up with the sustainable transition and tap into their role as a supporting partner to the public in the changes society faces due to the climate emergency. At the 2023 edition of the NEMO European Museum Conference, we invite museum professionals to explore how museums can take action for the climate and a sustainable future. Join us in Lahti, Finland, from 19-21 November to learn about sustainability strategies, risk management as preventive measures and how to transform museums into futureproof and sustainable organisations.