MEMEX publishes policy brief on using technology to foster inclusion

 This graphic includes the words "Policy Briefs" in black writing against a grey background. Right of the words are two arrows made out of dots and pointing towards the text.

The European research and innovation project MEMEX - MEMories and Experiences for inclusive digital storytelling has published a final policy brief presenting a series of recommendations aimed at fostering both the replicability of MEMEX and at paving the way to other inclusion initiatives.

Based on three years of community inclusion activities with technology, the brief contains policy and professional recommendations on the use of higher technologies in inclusion projects/initiatives.

The European research and innovation project MEMEX has looked into the role technology can play in the inclusion of communities at risk of socio-cultural exclusion. At the end of the 3-year project period, outcomes demonstrate that technological innovation is extremely useful when at the service of inclusion. By introducing advanced technologies to communities at risk of exclusion, through a structured framework based on cooperation between technology and culture that stimulates co-creation with the concerned communities, MEMEX initiated a pioneer reflection on the role of technology in inclusion.

MEMEX points out that for technological innovation to make sense for inclusion, it must be accompanied by measures and know-how from both tech and socio-cultural professionals in its design and use, as well as by awareness-raising and specific support and evaluation from policymakers.