Museums are encouraged to join global climate strike on 24 September

 Multiple people are standing and squatting in the middle of a street. They are holding posters and banners. One of them reads "Museums for future".

On 24 September 2021, the first global climate strike since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic will take place. NEMO seconds Museums For Future’s appeal to museums across the world to join the strike and show their solidarity and commitment for climate action. The world needs museums that stand behind science, support the 1.5°C-path and most of all that stand up for all future generations.

The museum climate action initiative Museums for Future encourages museums to show solidarity with the Youth Climate Movement and climate action by:

  1. Creating a Museums For Future slogan with which museums show solidarity with the Youth Climate Movement.
  2. Making their own placard and sharing it with Museums For Future on social media in the days leading up to the strike with the hashtags #museumsforfuture #museumstrike4climate. Don't forget to tag Museums For Future’s Twitter and Instagram accounts.
  3. Joining their local climate strike to rally with their placards and send pictures online to Museums For Future by using the hashtags #museumsforfuture#museumstrike4climate#uprootthesystem#allefürsklima. This way we can express solidarity with the climate movement before the strike on 24th of September and encourage other museum workers to take part. Share photos with Museums For Future via social media or send them to

Museums For Future is a non-profit, independent organization. It’s a global community powered by passionate local networks of museum workers, cultural heritage professionals, and dedicated institutions. Museums For Future is an alliance to all future generations, and the best available science in our mutual aim to meet the +1.5°C target of the Paris Climate Convention and global climate justice.