Museums Meet Museums - European Seminar

Together with the National Network of Romanian Museums, NEMO is holding the European Seminar "Museums Meet Museums" under the theme "Opening up the Exhibition". Nina Simon will join the international seminar.

The aim of this first edition of the Museums Meet Museums international seminar is to develop a dynamic and interactive environment for professional networking, not only in Romania but also in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.

The topic of this first edition is "Opening up the Exhibition". The event will take place in Bucharest, Romania, 14-16 September 2017, for a national and European audience of up to 300 people. This seminar debates how to design and plan an exhibition. Issues such as the development of exhibition contents, how to interpret the collections, how to build the interdisciplinary exhibition team and the use of technologies will be highlighted.

The seminar will offer a panel of first class speakers as well as demonstration workshops. We invited for you studios and start-ups to present and explain the development and workings of IT and multimedia products/services specific for any exhibition planning and concept.

The speakers come from award-winning museums (e.g. the European Museum of the Year Award or Micheletti Award) or those who have been celebrated for their architecture. We will also enjoy the presence of innovative museums with exhibitions that have changed many paradigms in how objects could be related or in how to engage local communities or creative communities for a total participatory museum. Among the speakers are Nina Simon, who authored the books "The Participatory Museum" and "The Art of Relevance" and is the Executive Director at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History, as well as Michele Lanzinger, Chief Executive Director of the award-winning MUSE Science Museum in Trento, Italy.

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