Museums show their support for climate action

NEMO office and Berlin based members and other museum professionals at the Global Climate Strike on 29 November 2019.

On 29 November 2019, the Global Climate Strike took place. The NEMO office walked as #MuseumsForFuture together with members and other museum professionals in Berlin, Germany, and museums from across the world joined in.

Museums for Future reports about numerous museums that joined the climate strike last Friday or in other ways supported climate action; for instance by putting an art work on #ArtStrike or organising a sign-making workshop.

In just a few weeks from the initiative’s launch at NEMO’s European Museum Conference, almost 20 translations of the 10 actions action points were produced thanks to NEMO’s members and #MuseumsForFuture volunteers. The translations have been highly appreciated and very helpful in spreading the message across the world.  

Next on the agenda for Museums for Future: deep-dive into one part of the museum profession and help you make this sustainable.

Did you participate in #MuseumsForFuture online, in your museum or out on the streets? Please let us know by answering this survey: